GEMS Kits® are available from Carolina Curriculum!

There are now complete classroom materials kits available for the GEMS series, developed in a unique partnership between GEMS and Carolina Curriculum. A GEMS Kit contains all of the materials necessary to bring a GEMS unit to your class and includes one copy of the teacher's guide. Carolina is the exclusive authorized source of GEMS Kits.

Carolina, GEMS Staff, and educators from the GEMS Network put each kit through an extensive development and review process. First, GEMS staff review drafts of kit lists, then inspect a prototype kit based on these lists. Then additional kits are produced and sent for trials at GEMS Network Sites and Centers. Comments from teachers are summarized and reviewed to determine any final changes in the kits. Final prototypes are then reviewed by GEMS staff, who authorize the release of the commercial version. The result is a kit that meets the high standards of GEMS, and one teachers can use with confidence. Carolina also provides refill kits, an inexpensive way to refurbish the consumable materials in a GEMS Kit and get extended use from your investment in GEMS Kits.

For pricing and availabilty please contact:

Kristen Mayfield
Carolina Biological Supply Company
2700 York Road
Burlington, NC 27215-3387



phone: 1-800-227-1150 Ext. 6242
Or email:

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