Secret Formulas

Grades 1—3

Written by Rebecca Tilley and Carolyn Willard

If you wanted to find a "secret formula" to produce a guide that contained wildly popular, sweet, and tasty activities solidly packed with math and science, you'd have it in Secret Formulas! Students eagerly investigate the properties of substances as they make their own personal brands of paste, toothpaste, cola, and ice cream. The activities have been carefully designed to convey key science/mathematics skills and concepts, provide highly motivating real-life experiences with chemistry, and build student understanding of cause and effect, central to later understanding of controlled experimentation.

Secret Formulas speaks to the need expressed by many primary school teachers for more hands-on physical science activities. It makes an excellent connection to a number of other GEMS guides, including Involving Dissolving and Liquid Explorations. The extraordinary level of student enthusiasm and involvement makes the educational value of these inventive activities no secret at all!

Praise for Secret Formulas:

"Secret Formulas
is another excellent publication from the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS)…Like scientists, students must observe and describe the properties of substances, and they are given repeated opportunities to understand and apply the concept of cause and effect. …like all the LHS materials, Secret Formulas features excellent teacher support. … Although the unit requires a lot of time and preparation, I highly recommend this wonderful and practical book for all teachers."

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