GEMS Associate's II Professional Development Workshop      

A special opportunity for GEMS Associates only!

Poster Session May 9th from 4 PM to 6 PM; May 10th—12, 2005,
8:30 AM to 3:30 PM daily.

Print out an Associate's II Application or Register Online.

By popular demand, we are offering this professional development workshop, focusing on best practices in professional development, curriculum construction, and curriculum implementation. Join us for a chance to learn from and with other GEMS Associates. Highlights include:

Reception and Poster Session

Meet your fellow Associates and GEMS staff

Share your experiences as an Associate in a poster session

Professional development

Focus on best practices in professional development

Share effective leadership models

Learn about other professional development structures–beyond workshops

Curriculum construction

Effective use of modular materials such as GEMS

Using GEMS to construct coherent curriculum sequences

Correlating GEMS to standards

Helping teachers infuse more inquiry into their curricula

Curriculum implementation

Learn about various implementation models

Share successes and challenges of implementation

Reflect on GEMS and systemic reform

Discuss materials management systems

Expanding the role of parents

General Session Information

Title 1, Title II (NCLB), and Educationally Disadvantaged Youth (EDY) funds may be used.

Graduate course credit can be arranged.

Participants are responsible for lodging and travel.

Sessions are held at LHS, University of California at Berkeley.

All applicants must be GEMS Associates.

Attendance for the reception and all three days is required.

Cancellations: We are unable to refund your fees if you cancel less than two weeks in advance.

Associates II Print Application

Register On-line

For more information on these sessions, or on custom professional development for your school, contact GEMS Workshop Administrator Terry Cort at (510) 643-0672 or reach her by e-mail:

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