On Sandy Shores

Marine Science Activities for Grades 24

Written by Craig Strang, Catherine Halversen, and Kimi Hosoume

GEMS again dives into the hidden world beneath our feet in this marine-science unit on the marvelous ecosystem we call a beach. (Though access to a beach is not a requirement of the unit.)

Students explore and deepen their understanding of many aspects of the "sandy shore," from grains of sand to commonly found animals to more complex biological and ecological interactions. Cooperative activities include Beach Bucket Scavenger Hunt, Sand on Stage, The Sights that Sand has Seen, Build a Sandy Beach, and Oil on the Beach. The unit includes reproducible artwork depicting many animals and plants.

On Sandy Shores is designed to be used with no modification in culturally diverse classrooms with large numbers of English-language learners. The activities foster respect for the environment and all living things, and encourage a sense of personal and social responsibility.

This GEMS guide adapts activities developed by the Marine Activities, Resources & Education (MARE) program of the Lawrence Hall of Science. It connects swimmingly with the marine-oriented GEMS guides Only One Ocean and Ocean Currents.

Time: Five activities over 19 sessions of 4560 minutes each.

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