Parent Partners
Workshops to Foster School/Home Family Partnerships

Written by Jacqueline Barber with Lynn Barakos and Lincoln Bergman

Decades of research dramatically demonstrate that parent involvement in a child's education is the single most important factor in predicting academic success–more important than a parent's own situation, background, or education. Research also shows that students and schools are most successful when parents and teachers work together as active partners. Parent Partners can help transform schools into vibrant educational communities

Parent Partners provides parents and other caregivers with concrete, practical things they can do to help their children succeed in school. Focused on elementary science and mathematics education, many of the materials relate to education in general. "Being involved" doesn't require knowledge of math or science, a college education, or extensive preparation. There are many small things a parent can do that together make a huge difference.

Parent Partners is especially designed for educators and activist parents seeking to increase parental involvement in their children's education. The variety of tools in this book educate parents about current approaches in science and mathematics education and about the enormous positive educational impact parents can make. Included are:

Parent Partners

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Parent Education Sessions: Step-by-step presentation instructions for three parent education workshops: How Parents Make a Difference; How Students Learn Best; and Testing: Knowing What Your Child Knows

Take Home Handouts: Numerous clear, jargon-free handouts with key information for parents and caregivers, including: What Parents Can Do to Make a Difference, 20 Ways to Support Your Children and Their School, Four Common Ways Parents Discourage Their Children, and many more.

Engaging Messages: Short digests of research findings that can motivate parents to get involved. These can be especially useful in school newsletters.

Praise for  Parent Partners:
"The ideas behind this book are sound: research shows that parents and teachers who work together and respect and understand each other's roles produce the best results in our schools. The authors have succeeded in providing a doable solution easily adapted to many different learning situations."

— National Science Teachers Association Recommends

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