Grades 5—8

Written by Jacqueline Barber

In this delightful, activity- and science-packed unit, students combine intense enjoyment with important concepts in chemistry and physics through imaginative experiments with soap bubbles.

Students devise an ideal bubble-blowing instrument; test dishwashing brands to see which makes the biggest bubbles; determine the optimum amount of glycerin needed for the biggest bubbles; employ the Bernoulli principle to keep bubbles aloft; use color patterns to predict when a bubble will pop; and create bubbles that last for days. In the process, they learn about light and color, aerodynamics, chemical composition, surface tension, and even technology.

Bubble-ology is packed with solid scientific, technological, and mathematical content and learning. An extensive background section on bubbles is included. The unit makes a natural and exciting extension of the GEMS guide Bubble Festival, which uses tabletop activities in a learning-station format to present exploratory lessons in math and science.

Time: From eight to ten 45- to 60-minute sessions.

See the Bubble-ology online orientation video.

NSTA Recommends   Bubble-ology
"Bubbles and children, perfect together… The activities are wonderfully scientifically based; students don't just do the activity, they learn concepts by experiencing them… If you are afraid that a bubble unit will be messy, be assured that it is. But along with the mess come those wonderful moments when teachers know that they have created valuable learning… Have fun, take a chance, get messy, and learn together with bubbles! Try it!"

—National Science Teachers Association Recommends

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Grades 5—8

10 Sessions
(6 Activities)
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