Liquid Explorations

Grades 1—3

Written by Leigh Agler

This unit is a great way to introduce younger students to the properties of matter and an excellent physical-science unit for primary grades. In a series of fun and fluid activities, young students explore the ubiquity and properties of liquids using introductory language and simple concepts. They play a classification game, observe how food coloring moves through different liquids, and create secret salad-dressing recipes and an "Ocean in a Bottle."

The Raindrops and Oil Drops activity can prompt discussion of environmental issues such as oil slicks, and was used in many Alaska schools to educate students about the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill. Literature connections, resources, and assessment suggestions are provided to help teachers make the most of the unit.

Time: Five or more class sessions.

See the Liquid Explorations online orientation video.

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Literature Connections

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