Bubble Festival
Presenting Bubble Activities in a Learning Station Format

Grades K—6

Written by Jacqueline Barber and Carolyn Willard

What joy of discovery sparkles in the iridescence, surface tension, buoyancy, and shape of bubbles! In a hugely entertaining learning-station format, this delightful unit uses 12 tabletop activities to present exploratory lessons in math and science.

The learning-station approach to guided discovery encourages independent thinking and cooperative learning while bringing great fun and excitement to the classroom. From "Bubble Shapes" and "Bubble Measurement" to "Bubble Skeletons" and "Body Bubbles," we have selected the most intriguing and classroom-appropriate activities of the many devised at the Lawrence Hall of Science. The guide also includes flexible suggestions to help teachers maximize the effectiveness of the format, present the challenges of each station, manage classroom logistics, explore scientific content in greater depth, and create literature and writing extensions.

This guide can also be used in planning festivals for large community or school gatherings of several hundred people.

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Grades K—6

12 activities,
176 pages


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