The Rainbow of Mathematics

A Great Explorations in Math and Science (GEMS) Handbook
for Educators

Written by Jaine Kopp, with Lincoln Bergman

This resource defines the main mathematics strands in the GEMS series, articulates how math is interwoven throughout many GEMS guides, and demonstrates the strong alignment of GEMS units with national mathematics standards, such as those set forth by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).The handbook also features a lively and accessible presentation that illuminates the main ideas and current approaches in content-rich mathematics education. This presentation, entitled The Rainbow of Mathematics, is an important component of GEMS professional development efforts, and has been used successfully with teachers, administrators, and parents, and at diverse community gatherings. Several appendices provide clear, thorough definitions of mathematics strands, correlations of specific GEMS guides to NCTM standards, and further descriptions of the standards themselves. The handbook includes a bibliography and a list of useful web resources, and includes masters for use in the "Rainbow of Mathematics" presentation.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Rainbow of Mathematics Presentation
  3. The GEMS Mathematics Spectrum
    Early Childhood Means Early Math Experiences
    The GEMS K—4 Mathematics Program
    Upper Elementary and Middle School
    Science Guides Filled with Math
  4. Conclusion: Over the Rainbow—Real Pots of Gold
  5. Appendix A: Mathematics Strands Further Defined
    Appendix B: Table—Math Strands in All GEMS Guides
    Appendix C: GEMS K—4 Math Guides and NCTM Standards
    Appendix D: More on NCTM Standards Old & New
    Appendix E Bibliography and Helpful Web Links
    Summary Outline for Presentation
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Rainbow of Math

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