PEACHES–Bright GEMS for Early Educators

PEACHES (Primary Explorations for Children and Educators in Science) is a nationally-recognized early childhood program from the Lawrence Hall of Science (LHS) and published as part of the GEMS line of GEMS Teacher’s Guides.

PEACHES curriculum units evolved from activities originated and taught by LHS early childhood educators over many years. The activities convey key primary science and mathematics concepts and skills in a developmentally appropriate way, while interweaving literature, language acquisition, drama, art, role-play, and environmental awareness.

Imagine children closely observing a trail of ants outdoors…pretending to be scout ants in search of food…feeding ants in an ant farm...or playing a cooperative math game called "Fill the Hill." This is PEACHES!

PEACHES activities have been used in elementary schools, preschools, child care centers, family day care sites, and homes. With modifications, the activities can be adapted for use with 3-year-olds or with children above first grade. GEMS Teacher’s Guides are designed so teachers, childcare providers, and parents can feel knowledgeable, confident, and above all, excited about doing science and math with their children. In its professional development programs, PEACHES has reached over 3,000 early childhood educators, parents, day care providers, and others who work with children 4—6 years old–through professional development workshops and other programs.

PEACHES in the garden
: Schools across the country are developing gardens and linking outdoor activities to their math, science, and literacy programs. We are seeking examples of the ways you are using PEACHES and GEMS to promote investigations in the garden. If you are incorporating PEACHES activities as part of your garden curriculum, or would like to tell us about activities of your own, please drop us a note.

Looking for online activities? Check out the PEACHES activity "Aphid Eaters" and other educational games on the LHS Interactive Showcase.

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