The links below are to PDF files with updated pages for Life through Time. These changes will be incorporated in future print runs of the book. In an effort to avoid fostering misconceptions we present them here so that you can incorporate them into your use of the unit now:

Page 12: We wanted to be more accurate with the Tree of Life illustration and clarify that sea stars, sea urchins, and sand dollars branch off before sea squirts—and to show mammal development more distinct from reptile.

Page 23: Sow bugs were moved to join the crustaceans. Mollusks and annelids have been removed. The order of branching of arthropod groups has shifted.

Page 32: The ichthyosaur and eurhinosaurus, marine reptiles, have been moved here to the reptiles page. Previously they were incorrectly on the fish page.

Page 33: Updated the fish page eliminating the two reptiles, as mentioned above. Also deleted the scales from the dunkleosteus.

Page 34: The label on the coelondonta has been changed to "wooly rhinoceros" to align with the text. (Coelondonta is also correct, but we didn't want to confuse.)

Page 65: Changed "Early Fish" to "Early Jawed Fish" and "Marine Snail" label to "Ammonite."

Page 120
: Cycads and gingkoes were deleted and appear in a later time span.

Page 155: Teleost (bony) fish were not in this time span; we substituted cartilaginous fish.

Page 161: The fossil gingko originally shown here also moves.

Page 190: Flowering plants shown in the text are from the next time span; we replaced them with Mesozoic flowering plants.

Page 194: Deleted the oak leaf fossil; it appeared in the Cenozoic.

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