Math On the Menu

Real-Life Problem Solving for Grades 35

Written by Jaine Kopp with Denise Davila

In this engaging series of cooperative activities, students plunge in to help the fictional Rosada family as it opens, equips, and expands a Mexican restaurant...with all the attendant real-life mathematical challenges. Students eagerly apply different problem-solving strategies as they plan and enlarge the tostadas menu, determine different combinations of ingredients, analyze costs, set prices, and address interior logistics when the restaurant expands to a second location.

The activities in this guide build on one another as the story evolves, and children have the opportunity to use a wide variety of combinatorial, statistical, mathematical-reasoning, and organizational skills. Emphasis is put on cooperative learning, language arts, and literature connections. These innovative activities put math learning in a real-world, multicultural, and "I-can-relate" context.

Jaine Kopp is the author of a number of GEMS mathematics guides, including
Frog Math, Treasure Boxes, and Build It! Festival. She was also a co-author of Group Solutions, Too! which won a 1998 Parent's Guide to Children's Media Award.

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Praise for Math on the Menu:
"Math on the menu is a valuable addition to any intermediate (grades 3-5) teacher's thematic library."

—Teaching Children Mathematics

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5 Activities,
144 pages


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