GEMS Leader's Professional Development

Leader workshops for Summer 2005 will be held July 18–22. Attend any or all days, or, combine with our Associates workshop and get discounted fees; details of each session are outlined below.

Leaders sessions are designed for educators seeking greater in-depth familiarity with GEMS guides, with special emphasis on specific grade levels.

Educators of young children (PreK–1) please join us July 18–19 for PEACHES professional development.

Leaders Workshop, July 20, for teachers of grades 2—5 and science specialists. Featured guides:

  • Electric Circuits: Inventive Physical Science Activities presented by author John Erickson. Use this flexible unit to teach your students about conductors, insulators, and simple closed circuits. The guide also includes advanced sessions where students read circuit diagrams, build circuits, and learn about series and parallel circuits.
  • Crime Lab Chemistry: Solving Mysteries with Chromatography A new version of this classic guide, now updated and expanded, will be unveiled by author Kevin Beals. In this forensic science primer student detectives use paper chromatography to investigate solubility, pigments, and separation of mixtures. New activities provide opportunities to explore and understand scientific models.
  • An introduction to: Build It! Festival. We'll have learning-station activities set up so you can see how these activities help students make real-world connections as they focus on construction, geometric challenges, and spatial visualization in this introduction to geometry.

Leaders Workshop, July 21, for teachers of grades 6—8 and science specialists. Featured guides:

  • Life through Time: Learn how to use these time-travel activities to help students grasp the mammoth scale of geologic time and the major benchmarks in evolution, from the earliest single-celled organism to the most recent mammals.

  • A new version of Color Analyzers: Why does an apple look red? Can you explain why? In this newly updated and ehanced guide students investigate light and color, experimenting with diffraction gratings and color filters, creating secret messages, and learning how these properties of light are used by scientists.

  • We'll also have an opportunity to enjoy activities from Microscopic Explorations. Stations will be set up for you to explore.


July 22, a special day of mathematics activities:

Presented by GEMS mathematics specialist and author Jaine Kopp, this special one-day workshop will center on two GEMS math guides, Algebraic Reasoning: Professor Arbegla Introduces Variables and Functions for Grades 3–5 and the newly revised In All Probability: Investigations in Probability and Statistics for Grades 3–6. 

These guides support student understanding of key mathematics concepts and provide opportunities to apply and refine math skills outlined in the NCTM (and many states) mathematics standards. In the workshop, participants will be actively involved in the mathematics through the lens of classroom practice, and will deepen their content knowledge in the areas of algebra and probability. 

You can now register online for GEMS Leaders Professional Development sessions offered at the Lawrence Hall of Science. If you prefer to register by Fax or mail, you can print an application.

GEMS Leader's Professional Development is designed for teachers and educators seeking greater in-depth familiarity with GEMS guides, with special emphasis on specific grade levels. While there is a leadership component, emphasis is on intensive experience with GEMS units and their connections to standards. GEMS Leader's Professional Development sessions include intensive hands-on experience with a number of GEMS units, including some of the newer guides.

Sessions are from 9:00—3:30 each day.

You'll leave the GEMS Leader's session with:

In-depth knowledge of the GEMS philosophy and approach

Information on how GEMS Guides meet state and national science content standards

Opportunities to share ideas for implementing hands-on mathematics and science with other educators

Participants receive 1 GEMS Handbook plus 3 GEMS Teachers Guides of their choice for each day of participation
More Professional Development
Custom GEMS Professional Development can be arranged for your school on most of the GEMS Teacher's Guides. For more information, contact GEMS Workshop Administrator Terry Cort at (510) 643-0672 or reach her by e-mail:


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