GEMS in Spanish

GEMS is pleased to make Spanish translations of student data sheets and related student handouts available for free. Sheets for GEMS units listed below can be downloaded, viewed, and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

All of these may be duplicated for classroom and non-profit educational workshop use.
For any other purpose, please contact GEMS.

Please be aware that these are not the complete activities--only the student data sheets. The detailed activities, including an introduction, main science and mathematics concepts, relation to national standards, materials needed, detailed preparation steps, clear classroom presentation instructions, needed background, and resources, can be found in the GEMS teacher's guides themselves.

Some GEMS guides do not have student data sheets and some have not been translated.

get Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf) software

Ant Homes under the Ground (3.7MB pdf)
Animals in Action (44K pdf)
Acid Rain (424K pdf)
Bubble Festival (568K pdf)
Bubble-ology (48K pdf)
Build It! Festival (568K pdf)
Buzzing a Hive
(428K pdf)
Color Analyzers
(112K pdf)
Convection: A Current Event (100K pdf)
Chemical Reactions (44K pdf)
Discovering Density (80K pdf)
Dry Ice Investigations (314k pdf)
Earth, Moon, and Stars (188K pdf)
Experimenting with Model Rockets (392K pdf)
Frog Math (560K pdf)
Fingerprinting (508K pdf)
Global Warming (1.2 MB pdf)
Group Solutions (First 22 pages, 3.51 MB pdf)
Group Solutions (Next 23 pages, 3.85 MB pdf)
Group Solutions (Next 17 pages, 2.81 MB pdf)
Group Solutions (Next 17 pages, 2.71 MB pdf)
Height-O-Meters (132K pdf)
Hot Water, Warm Homes (116K pdf)
In All Probability (224K pdf)
Investigating Artifacts (548K pdf)
Learning about Learning (428K pdf)
Liquid Explorations (72K pdf)
Mapping Fish Habitats (300K pdf)
Math Around the World (700k pdf)
Math on the Menu (1.15MB pdf)
Messages From Space (431K pdf)
Microscopic Explorations Intro. (136K pdf)
Microscopic Explorations Activities 1—6 (228K pdf)
Microscopic Explorations Activities 7—10 (128K pdf)
Microscopic Explorations Student Book (248K pdf)
Moons of Jupiter (292K pdf)
More than Magnifiers (128K pdf)
Mother Opossum and Her Babies (553k pdf)
Mystery Festival p. 1-10 (592K pdf)
Mystery Festival p. 11-20 (792K pdf)
Mystery Festival p. 21-30 (528K pdf)
Mystery Festival p. 31-40 (932K pdf)
Mystery Festival p. 41-50 (640K pdf)
Of Cabbages and Chemistry (60K pdf)
On Sandy Shores p. 55-56 (20K pdf)
On Sandy Shores p. 158-164 (104K pdf)
On Sandy Shores p.165-174 (272K pdf)
On Sandy Shores p. 175-181 (152K pdf)
On Sandy Shores p. 182-192 (164K pdf)
On Sandy Shores p. 193-202 (228K pdf)
Paper Towel Testing (56K pdf)
Penguins and Their Young (7.6 MB pdf)
Quadice (188K pdf)
River Cutters (96K pdf)
Secret Formulas (320K pdf)
Schoolyard Ecology (9k pdf)
Stories in Stone (224K pdf)
Terrarium Habitats (20K pdf)
Vitamin C Testing (72K pdf)

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