Messages from Space
Home Science Kit

Developed by GEMS with Scientific Explorer

$19.95, Ages 6-Adult

Have you ever looked into the sky and wondered how many other inhabited planets might be out there? Who knows, maybe intelligent life forms on another world are looking into their sky, wondering the same thing?

This stellar home science kit will introduce you to how scientists are searching for life "out there" and even enable you to play a small part in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

The out-of-this-world activities in the Messages from Space Home Science Kit include:
  • Building Your Own Telescope--You can build your own telescope like the one Galileo used. Scan the sky for celestial wonders. View the Pleiades star cluster, Saturn, Jupiter, craters on the Moon, and the moons of Jupiter.

  • Decoding a Message from Space--What if we received a message from space? How would we know what it says? We'll give you some recorded space sounds along with a practice message. Using the sounds and the included booklet, we'll help you figure out what it means. Then you'll receive a more challenging message, to decode the same way!

  • Connecting to SETI@home--By downloading and running the SETI@home screensaver, you can become involved with the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
The Messages from Space Home Science Kit is based in part on activities from the GEMS Teacher's Guide, Messages from Space.

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Contents include a 28" long, 13.9 power astronomical telescope; audio CD with actual recorded space sounds; pulsar signals; binary messages for decoding; science guide; and directions for plugging your computer into the SETI@home program to search for real messages from space.

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