Soda Pop Science Kit

Developed by GEMS with Scientific Explorer

$19.95, Ages 6—Adult

Delve into the effervescent scientific mysteries of soda pop: Where does the fizz come from? How much sugar is in soda? What's the formula for cola?Complete with simple ingredients and clear instructions, the Soda Pop Science Kit provides hours of flavorful, educational fun.Young soda pop scientists can:
  • make wild fizzy drinks
  • invent secret soda formulas
  • make sodas fizz
  • conduct taste tests and market research
  • launch marketing campaigns for new soda creations

The Soda Pop Science Kit is based in part on activities from the GEMS Teacher's Guide, Secret Formulas.

Praise for Soda Pop Science:

"The product of a collaboration between Scientific Explorer and the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California, Berkeley, this kit encourages kids to think about chemistry by mixing their own soft drinks. The set includes citric acid, baking soda, and various flavorings. Kids supply water and a willingness to experiment. Our testers loved creating fizzy, flavorful sodas. Even when experiments went awry, producing the worst-tasting sodas since New Coke, they would drink them down just for the gross-out factor."
—Family Fun Magazine

"...the staff and volunteers at the Lawrence Hall of Science at the University of California at Berkeley have been helping kids learn and develop for years, and now some of that good work is available at toy stores everywhere...They have created kits that appeal equally to boys and girls...there's serious educational theory at play here, too."
— San Francisco Chronicle

Soda Pop Home Science Kit box

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Contents include citric acid, baking soda, lime flavoring, cinnamon flavoring, vanilla flavoring, cherry flavoring, measuring scoop, sample cups, lab sheets, and an instruction-and-experiment booklet.

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