Mystery Detective

Forensic Science Kit

Developed by GEMS with Scientific Explorer

$19.95, Ages 6-Adult

A beach house in Belize . . . a pool of blood . . . a missing body . . . Did someone kill the not-very-well-liked millionaire Sandy Beeche, or did she fake her own death? Was Shirley U. Geste, the attractive comedian, really in the bathroom as she claims? Why does Ivana Tip, the crabby waitress, have white powder on her shoes?Young sleuths are challenged to solve eight mysteries using the forensic science techniques of professional crime stoppers. Mysteries include the Case of the Missing Millionaire, the Mystery of the Golden Statue, the Case of the Bloody Glass, and more!
  • examine fingerprints and DNA prints
  • analyze evidence through scientific testing
  • learn how to identify mysterious substances
  • perform chromatography
  • use litmus paper to identify acids and bases
  • investigate crime scenes, identify suspects, and analyze motives
  • create your own mysteries for friends to solve
The Mystery Detective Forensic Science Kit is based in part on the enormously popular classroom activities in the GEMS Teacher's Guides, Mystery Festival, Crime Lab Chemistry, and Fingerprinting.
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