The GEMS Kit Builder's Handbook

Written by Jan M. Goodman, Cary I. Sneider, Alan Gould, Jacqueline Barber, Kimi Hosoume, Laura Tucker, and Carolyn Willard

Over years of using GEMS activities and assembling materials for them, teachers, groups of parents, district coordinators, administrators, and others around the country have flooded us with innovative ideas for inexpensive, organized, and handy make-your-own kits. We've integrated these ideas and tools with our own in The GEMS Kit Builder's Handbook. The book is designed to help teachers and the people who support them gather materials for all GEMS units, make the materials easily accessible and well organized, and maintain the kits for repeated use.

While each GEMS Teacher's Guide includes a complete "What You Need" section, The GEMS Kit Builder's Handbook contains the items from all those "What You Need" lists, and includes illustrations to help the kit builder visualize the collection of materials at a glance. The handbook includes lots of great ideas about kit construction, kit maintenance, and ways to acquire free or inexpensive materials, to help spark creative solutions for each unique situation. Our hope is that The GEMS Kit Builder's Handbook will make assembling materials easier for both large-scale kit assemblers and individual classroom teachers.

For GEMS users who prefer the idea of acquiring complete, ready-made kits, GEMS has an exclusive affiliation with Carolina Biological Supply Company, distributor of professionally assembled, refillable kits for an increasing number of GEMS units. The cost these kits is kept as low as possible, and the kits can be restocked in part or in whole at any time.

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