Jiggly Gems, Crystal Creations
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Developed by GEMS with Scientific Explorer

$19.95, Ages 6—Adult

Here’s your chance to explore some of the most beautiful and fascinating chemical creations in the world—crystals! You’ll create crystals and play with polymers in this open ended set of engaging activities. Invent your own crystal creations—make sparkling gems, grow coral crystals, watch a tiny crystal grow in an hour to a big jiggly gem, and design a crystal sculpture to wow your friends.

Right before your eyes (or sometimes over one or more nights) these interesting substances will change. We’ve included lots of ideas to get you started—and there is no one "best way" to make a crystal. Try out the recipes, then mess around and see what you can discover about crystals. Try "tinkering" with the recipes, and investigating your own questions by conducting SAFE investigations (with the help of an adult).

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Contents include alum, Epsom salt, kosher salt, polyacrylamide, laundry bluing, cotton balls, food coloring, Petri dish, measuring spoons and more.

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