Group Solutions, Too!

More Cooperative Logic Activities for Grades K4

Written by Jan M. Goodman with Jaine Kopp

There is abundant evidence that structured cooperative logic activities are an extraordinarily effective way to introduce or reinforce mathematics concepts and explore thinking processes basic to both math and science. Cooperative logic also develops in children the invaluable social skills involved in working with others to solve problems.

Group Solutions, Too! is a substantial new volume of cooperative logic activities, similar to those found in the extremely popular GEMS guide Group Solutions. While using the same cooperative format as the original Group Solutions, with groups of four students working together to solve a challenge for which each student has a needed clue, Group Solutions, Too! stands on its own, exploring distinct mathematical content and focusing logical thinking skills in new ways.

Group Solutions, Too! has been awarded a Parent's Guide Children's Media Award for Excellence in Activity Books.

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Praise for Group Solutions, Too!:

"This wonderful resource embodies various overall strengths. The text is laid out in a teacher-friendly manner, requiring little time to locate and decide on an activity for a given day and time. Minimal teacher preparation is needed. The activities are fun and fit easily into small slots of extra time here and there. The thematic approach used in the manual facilitates a smooth transition into any pre-planned curriculum. …I highly recommend this valuable resource to any K–4 teacher who is interested in challenging his or her students in the areas of logic and cooperation. The activities are meaningful to students and easily fit into any schedule at any time during the year."

—Teaching Children Mathematics

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