The Architecture of Reform

featuring "To Build a House"

Written by Cary Sneider, Jacqueline Barber, and Lincoln Bergman

The world of science and mathematics educationas much as its constantly evolving subject matteris in a perpetual state of growth and change. Exciting, inquiry-based science programs, with their profound and proven effectiveness, are evolving from this metamorphosis.

For teachers and administrators responsible for planning school and district science programs, however, charting a course through the maze of new national and state standards, benchmarks, and frameworks can seem overwhelming. This handbook from the Great Explorations in Math and Science program is designed to clarify, simplify, and make sense of new directions in curriculum planning and development.

Part I of The Architecture of Reform familiarizes readers with current initiatives in science education reform and the documents that advance them. This makes it easier to decide which reports, guidelines, and tools to concentrate on, and helps educators move ahead in the planning processno matter what science materials are used from the rainbow of available programs.

Part II relates the vision and goals of these key reform documents to the GEMS series. Naturally, we will learn much more as national standards and related guidelines and frameworks continue to be discussed, debated, and (most importantly) implemented. Within this context of change, The Architecture of Reform represents our attempt to synthesize the major building blocks of the leading reform documents and demonstrate how well GEMS activities fit into that larger picture.

Praise for The Architecture of Reform:

I don't know when I have seen such a clear and cohesive explanation of the ideas and programs that went into the development of the National Science Education Standards. . . . Thank you for making such a valuable resource available to science educators."

—Steve Rakow, President, National Science Teachers Association

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