Science and Math Explorations for Young Children

A GEMS/PEACHES Handbook for Early Childhood Educators, Childcare Providers, and Parents

Written by Katharine Barrett, Ellen Blinderman, Beatrice Boffen, Jean C. Echols, Patricia A. House, Kimi Hosoume, and Jaine Kopp

NOTE: This book is now out of print but is available as a free download from the link below the picture to the right. The file is an 8.7 MB Adobe PDF file, and requires Adobe Reader to access.

The past 15 years have seen a dramatic increase in the need for high-quality early childhood education. Research shows that early experiences are critical to future success in school and throughout life. This new handbook is a practical resource for early childhood educators, childcare providers, and parents in the crucial task of providing excellent math and science education for young children. Drawing on activities developed by the GEMS and PEACHES programs at the Lawrence Hall of Science, Science and Math Explorations for Young Children synthesizes current ideas in early childhood education that will help spark ideas about new directions in science and math learning.

Accessible and informative, the handbook addresses a wide range of subjects in clearly organized chapters. Using GEMS and PEACHES activities as examples, the guide outlines successful techniques and strategies for incorporating developmentally appropriate practice, using questions effectively, constructing curriculum, and reaching all students. Chapters include, "The Role of Teachers and Parents," "Children's Play and Creativity," "Language Development," "Mathematics in Early Childhood," and "Active Assessment."

Science and Math Explorations for Young Children includes a flexible, step-by-step outline for a presentation called "To Build a Bridge: Creating Early Childhood Math & Science Programs." Intended for use at parent nights, teacher inservices, or administration meetings, this presentation uses the metaphor of building a bridge to encourage science literacy at all stages of change in young children's lives—school to school, grade to grade, and class to class.

The handbook also describes age-appropriate National Science Education Standards and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, and the alignment of GEMS and GEMS/PEACHES early childhood guides with those standards. A chart correlating the science and math standards with the GEMS/PEACHES and GEMS guides is included for easy reference. The handbook closes with a look to the new millennium, based on a speech by PEACHES Director Kimi Hosoume to an early childhood symposium sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS.)

This handbook offers valuable support to the early childhood educator and new perspectives on the importance of math and science education for young children.

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Science and Math Explorations

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