Ant Homes Under the Ground

Science and Math Activities for Young Children

Grades Preschool—1

Written by Jean C. Echols, Kimi Hosoume, and Jaine Kopp

"Just what makes that little ol' ant. . . ."

High hopes are just part of what makes these fascinating social creatures tick. Ant Homes Under the Ground brings young childrenand what child hasn't run into an ant?down to ground-level with this ubiquitous insect, introducing them to ant behavior using role-play, cooperative exercises, and up-close observation.

In mutlilayered activities, students learn about the insects' body structure, "jobs," and homes by observing ants in nature and in an ant farm. They role-play ants following a scent trail and dragging food through a tunnel-like structure.

A large Ant Nest poster, included with the guide, is assembled in stages to highlight ant-colony tunnels, food, social structure, and life cycle as each of these elements is introduced. A culminating cooperative logic game called "Fill the Hill" uses stimulating mathematical and cooperative skills to round up knowledge the children have gained. This unit provides a wealth of life-science learning as well as the natural integration of science and math.

Praise for Ant Homes Under the Ground:
"Expanding progressively on the salient point (yes, ants), peppered with creature graphics and endless variations on an ant nest, this book makes formiculture look beside the point. Geared for youngsters three to six, it's more visual and game happy than Terrarium Habitats, but provides the same in-depth background for adults. Its big black-and-white sectional poster, assembled as you work through the activities, is the prize perk. And, like its counterpart guides, Ant Homes plugs for gentle stewardship of the live creatures it solicits for hands-on exploration."

—Whole Earth

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