Insights & Outcomes
Assessments for Great Explorations in Math and Science

Written by Jacqueline Barber, Lincoln Bergman, Jan M. Goodman, Kimi Hosoume, Linda Lipner, Cary I. Sneider, and Laura Tucker

This GEMS handbook offers coherent, accessible strategies for use with the entire GEMS series--and for the assessment of activity-based science and math in general. While assessment methods and their uses can be controversial, the need to gauge student learning and improve teaching is evidentÖand of growing concern nationwide.

Insights & Outcomes is designed to help teachers and educators assess student learning progress in activity-based science and mathematics, as well as evaluate the effectiveness of their own curricula and teaching methods. Thirteen strategies, using 17 detailed case studies, are described as they directly relate to a wide variety of assessment activities in GEMS. They include actual student work and employ many evaluation techniques. An opening section describes and comments on "a year in the life of" two fictional teachers as they grapple with ways to assess GEMS activities and hands-on, minds-on math and science in general.

The second section of the handbook describes four to six student learning outcomes (objectives) for every GEMS Teacher's Guide. This is a complete, guide-by-guide assessment resource for the entire GEMS series to date, and includes built-in assessment activities and additional ideas for each unit.

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Insights & Outcomes

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