Math Around the World 

Grades 58

Written by Beverly Braxton, Philip Gonsalves, Linda Lipner, and Jacqueline Barber

Journey through the world of mathematics! Games and diversions from across the globe and throughout time have relied on numbers, geometry, probability, and logic. Discover the intriguing patterns of Topology Networks that originated in Zaire. Play Game Sticks, a version of a game played by Native Californians. Challenge your spatial skills by building Geometric Constructions that were first developed in England. Try to solve our Lo-Shu puzzles, classic magic squares that came from China.

Each game can be presented as a two- or three-session activity or at a stand-alone learning station. Complete presentation instructions help make the mathematical concepts more explicit and powerful for all students. Maps and historical information at each station blend social studies and geography with mathematics.

See the related single-game mathematics GEMS unit, Quadice. Interested in learning more about GEMS and mathematics instruction? Download our PowerPoint presentation The Rainbow of Math.

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0-924886-43-9 58 8 Games,
200 pages

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