Once Upon A GEMS Guide

Connecting Young People's Literature to Great Explorations in Math and Science

Written by Jacqueline Barber, Lincoln Bergman,
Kimi Hosoume, Jaine Kopp, Cary I. Sneider, and
Carolyn Willard

Once Upon A GEMS Guide is an extraordinary resource for educators. This hefty publication is both a handbook and a compendium, annotating hundreds of outstanding books that can be read in connection with GEMS (and other science and math) activities.

The book is organized in three sections: by specific GEMS guide, by major math strands, and by science themes. The literature selections are chosen to emphasize meaningful, multi-leveled connections between literature, science, and mathematics. An introduction and other articles highlight the means and benefits of making such connections.

The handbook is also laced with quotations, poems, letters from teachers, and a resource section to provide teachers with information on organizations that may be helpful as they further develop connections across the curriculum.

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