Shapes, Loops & Images

A GEMS Exhibit Guide

Written by Susan Jagoda, David Buller, Larry Malone, and Cary I. Sneider

GEMS Exhibit Guides describe and supply detailed plans for the construction and display of interactive exhibits for use by science centers or in school discovery labs. Many of these exhibits make excellent classroom or festival learning stations.

The ten exhibits in Shapes, Loops & Images explore logic and spatial reasoning using topology, problem solving, repeated patterns, and multiple images. Visitors untangle rope loops, create their own tessellations, and venture into a world of mirrored deception.

Several of these interactive exhibits could be used as table-top connections to GEMS Teacher's Guides--especially to Build It! Festival, which focuses on geometry and spatial relationships, and which also includes a tessellations activity.

This guide does NOT contain step-by-step instructions for classroom presentation, although creative teachers have sometimes adapted them for classroom use.

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