Global Warming & the Greenhouse Effect

Grades 7—8

Written by Colin Hocking, Cary I. Sneider, John Erickson,
and Richard Golden

The application of solid science to real-life conditions—and the urgency of this resolvable environmental problem—make this GEMS unit invaluable to teachers of young people whose understanding of global warming may affect their lives and those of their children.

Students explore this powerful environmental topic in a wide variety of formats, from hands-on science activities and experiments to a simulation game, analysis of articles, a story about an island threatened by rising sea levels, and a world conference on global warming.

This GEMS guide has two major aims: to present the scientific theories and evidence behind the phenomenon of global warming, and to help students see environmental problems from different points of view—from those of a remote, developing community on an island in the Pacific to those of people who work in the lumber and auto manufacturing industries.

Like the GEMS unit Acid Rain, this guide seeks to provide students with a sense of empowerment when facing complex environmental issues and to develop the scientific skills with which to understand and contribute. Extensive background for the teacher is provided.

Time: Eight or more 45- to 60-minute sessions.

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8 Sessions,
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