Vitamin C Testing

Grades 4—8

Out of Print: Available as a free download in PDF format.

Written by Jacqueline Barber

This guide is a stimulating introduction to chemistry experiments and nutrition. Students enter the realm of consumer science as they use chemistry to evaluate various juices, learning the drop-by-drop technique of titration and developing skills in comparison, data collection, calculation, and graphing.

Using a simple chemical test using a vitamin C indicator to compare the vitamin content of different juices, students pool their results and create graphs to represent them. They study the effects of environment, storage, and temperature on vitamin content, and assess the nutritional value of the beverages
they drink.

This unit emphasizes everyday materials, but the indicator chemical and plastic vials for experimentation must be acquired separately. The book provides resources for obtaining those items, as well as thorough guidance in setting up all the experiments.

Time: Four 45-minute sessions plus follow-up sessions.

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Free PDF download.
This title is currently out of print and available only as a download from this page.

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