A Challenging Mathematics Game for Grades 4—8

Written by Elizabeth Stage, Herbert Thier, Ruth Cossey, and Robert Karplus

This original and engaging game dispels fears and enlivens mathematics learning in empowering, stimulating steps.

In teams of three, students perform mental calculations, handle fractions with confidence, think strategically, and explore probability within a game format. Using a special set of four easily made dice, teams play 12 rounds that can involve any combination of addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. A cooperative version, in which a high group score is the goal, encourages students to work together to solve problems.

Rules of play, score sheets, literature connections, and many suggestions for assessment and analysis are included in the guide. The book also contains mystery puzzles to solve, and encourages players to create puzzles of their own.

Time: Five or more 35- to 45-minute sessions.

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This title is out of print.

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