Group Solutions

Cooperative Logic Activities for Grades K—4

Written by Jan M. Goodman

If you could harness the cooperative potential of youngsters, bring them together over puzzles in logic, and allow their social dynamics to fall into place, you might have created Group Solutions.

One of the most popular GEMS guides, this unit brings cooperative learning to the fore in highly motivating ways, providing young students with early and valuable experience in working and solving problems together.

In groups of four, students participate in more than 50 highly involving, cooperative logic activities. Each student receives a clue to a problem and must share the information with all other group members to find the solution. The entire group is responsible for resolving the problem, and the solution can only be discovered by amassing and connecting all the clues.

This unit is particularly adaptable to the multilingual or ESL classroom, allowing other-language speakers to use nonverbal manipulative skills, and facilitating language and concept development in English.

The sequel to this guide, Group Solutions, Too!, presents another challenging group of cooperative logic games using the same winning format.

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