GEMS and the Georgia Science Standards

Recommended Scope and Sequence of GEMS Guides
to address the Georgia Performance Science Standards

Co-Requisite Content

Guides with * are the MOST recommended for that grade level


Eggs, Eggs Everywhere*
Sifting Through Science
Investigating Artifacts* (Sessions 1-4)

Grade 1             

Sifting Through Science*
Tree Homes
Penguins and Their Young*

Grade 2             

Eggs, Eggs Everywhere*

Grade 3             

Terrarium Habitats*
On Sandy Shores*
Stories in Stone (Session 1 and 2)

Grade 4                 

Earth, Moon & Stars*
More Than Magnifiers*
GEMS Space Science Sequence for Grades 3-5*
Aquatic Habitats*

Grade 5                 

Stories in Stone*
Chemical Reactions*
Electric Circuits*
Schoolyard Ecology
On Sandy Shores
Microscopic Explorations
Learning About Learning

Grade 6                 

Messages From Space*
Earth, Moon & Stars*
Ocean Currents*
Plate Tectonics*
Stories in Stone
Life Through Time
Environmental Detectives
Hot Water and Warm Homes From Sunlight
River Cutters

Grade 7                 

Life Through Time*
Environmental Detectives*

Grade 8                 

Dry Ice Investigations*
Color Analyzers*
Invisible Universe
Electric Circuits
Crime Lab Chemistry
Discovering Density

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