Scope and Sequence of GEMS Guides
to the
Arizona Science Standards

Guides with * are the MOST recommended for that grade level.


Sifting Through Science*

Ant Homes Under the Ground

Elephants and Their Young

Grade 1               

Tree Homes*

Eggs Eggs Everywhere

On Sandy Shores

Grade 2              

Aquatic Habitats*

Involving Dissolving

On Sandy Shores

Matter (available in ’06)

Grade 3              

Terrarium Habitats*

Stories in Stone

Grade 4              

Hot Water and Warm Homes From Sunlight*

Electric Circuits

Schoolyard Ecology

In All Probability

Grade 5              

Oobleck: What Do Scientists Do?*

Earth, Moon and Stars

Moons of Jupiter

Grade 6              

Dry Ice Investigations

Ocean Currents

Environmental Detectives

Hot Water & Warm Homes from Sunlight

Grade 7

Environmental Detectives*

Plate Tectonics: The Way the Earth Works

The Real Reason For Seasons

Stories in Stone 

Earth, Moon, and Stars

Grade 8              

Acid Rain*

Chemical Reactions

Global Warming and the Greenhouse Effect