AfterSchool KidzScience

GEMS is pleased to introduce its new line of science kits for the “out-of-school” user, a collaboration with the Developmental Studies Center who publishes the work.

GEMS has developed a new series—the AfterSchool KidzScience program. Based on tried-and-true LHS curricula, these “little GEMS” are adapted for use in after school programs, Girls and Boys Clubs, Scouts, recreation and camp programs, or any out-of-school programs.

The available kits focus on physical science (Oobleck, Bubbles, Magnets, and Falling and Flying), and on life science (Beach Science, Colors in Nature, Predators and Prey, and Exploring Habitats). More kits, including Green Science, will follow.

Each AfterSchool KidzScience kit includes each of the following:

Session Guides

Each kit contains one guide for each session—four in a kit. Each session guide contains an overview of the session, a materials list, preparation steps, illustrations, step-by-step instructions for the activity, questions, and other support for the leader. Each four page guide is easy to reference while leading the sessions.

Kit Materials

The kits contain nearly everything you need to do the activities with a group of up to 20 children. Many of the items in the kit are reusable and refill kits are available.

Question Cards

Each session features a series of question cards designed to engage and inform children. The cards are a great introduction to the high interest activities presented in each session. Each AfterSchool KidzScience kit includes 16 question cards—four for each session.




Question cards can be used in many ways to help engage children, extend learning, and connect children’s first-hand discoveries to the world of science and their everyday lives. With compelling pictures and interesting information, question cards help answer children’s questions and spark their interest.

Video Clips

The video clips share strategies for leading the AfterSchool KidzScience activities easily and effectively. Each video clip is under five minutes long and leaders can watch them on the included DVD or online. The video clips help afterschool leaders engage children in AfterSchool KidzScience activities with less stress, more fun, and deeper learning. Each DVD includes eight video clips: one for each Physical Science kit and four Leader Tips, general guidance on how leaders can efficiently manage the activities and participants. You can watch the clips online now.

Is your site locked out of You Tube? If so, you can access all of the AfterSchool KidzScience videos from iTunes U. To do so you must have iTunes installed on your computer. Then you can download both the "How To" and the "Leader Tips" videos.

Kit Handbook

Each kit comes with a handbook that includes:
• Session summaries
• Science background information
• General tips on how to lead the activities
• Glossary of terms
• Tips on using the kit materials
• Extension activities
• Ways to adapt the activities for younger and older children
• Kit inventory list
• Alignment with the National Science Education Standards

Professional Development

Professional development opportunities will be posted on our workshops page. For detailed information regarding release dates, pricing, and new titles in the series check back here or contact our publisher, Developmental Studies Center, as indicated below.

Order from DSC by selecting "ordering options" at the bottom of the page. (Don't go to the store link.)

We’re delighted to be partnering with the Developmental Studies Center (DSC) of Oakland, California, a nationally-respected publisher with experience in producing a wide range of user-friendly print and materials kits for the afterschool audience. DSC is the publisher of KidzMath and KidzLit and other successful programs.

Learn more about them at:


Development of this program has been made possible with support from:

• The Noyce Foundation
• Oracle
•The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
• The S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
• The Stephen Bechtel Fund


Children learn about magnetism by exploring magnets and creating magnet tricks and inventions.

See samples of the video clips included on DVDs with each unit.

Children gain an understanding of surface tension as they perform tests with soap and water and create different kinds of bubbles.

Children act like scientists as they investigate the properties of the strange goopy material called Oobleck. They act like engineers as they design, build, and test spaceships to land on Oobleck.

Children investigate air resistance as they design, build, and test parachutes and air-powered rockets.



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